poulet rouge chicken

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México, Spanish
GEORGIA LOCAL RECIPES, Roasted Georgia poulet rouge chicken
2-3 pound poulet rouge chicken
2-3 libras de ---- pollo colorete.
No encuentro en mi diccionario la palabra POULET, tal vez está mal escrito?
Saludos, gracias de antemano por su ayuda.
  • dixza

    México, Spanish
    bueno por lo que dice la receta, se me ocurre que POULET es para designar un pollo entero.

    1. Melt butter
    2. Mix salt and pepper to taste in butter, along with either rosemary or thyme
    3. Rub on outside of chicken, underneath skin and inside cavity
    4. Slice vegetables
    5. Place chicken in roasting pan and surround with vegetables, draping onion slices over top of chicken
    6. Roast at 350 degrees until desired temperature is reached (I use a meat thermometer and stop when 160 degrees is reached at breast, about 60 minutes)
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