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A pivot language, sometimes also called a bridge language, is an artificial or natural language used as an intermediary language for translation between many different languages – to translate between any pair of languages A and B, one translates A to the pivot language P, then from P to B.

Pivot language - Wikipedia

I came across the term in an article about the EU languages and translation. I haven't found it in dictionaries.
The meaning isn't transparent.
  • jessiekim

    I happen to know about this term. In an international forums, there could be many participants who are speaking different languages.
    Let me take an example. The speaker is Japanese, and the main audience speaks English. Then, there are some portion of people who only understands Chinese and Japanese. Then there going to be a Japanese- English interpreter who translate the speech into a pivot language( In this case, English) and then there are other translators in separate booths talking in Chinese. So the audience can choose the channel of the language they prefer.
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