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Hi i looked up on the internet the right way to say "feed" someone and i found that pakanin was the correct form when using the "Pa- -in" affix. Why wouldn't it be "Pakainin" like "Pakainin mo ako" (Feed me).

Also would these words be the equivalent of telling someone to let someone eat? For example, "Pakainin mo siya" (Let him eat or Feed him) Would it be the same for both?
  • DotterKat

    English (American)
    Yes, the affixes pa- and -in denote applying some action to something that would alter their current state (pagandahing - transform something so that it would be more beautiful) OR allow or let something perform some action (Pakainin / Pakanin mo siya - both are acceptable - Let him eat).

    Grammatically, pakanin / pakainin should mean letting or allowing or giving somebody the permission to eat, which would imply that they feed themselves. However, colloquially pakanin / pakainin is also used to mean feeding somebody (e.g. a baby). In the latter case, it is obvious that if you feed somebody then the permission for them to eat is implicit.

    For clarity, if you mean actually feeding somebody as opposed to merely giving them permission to eat, you could use subuan (handfeed or spoonfeed).

    Subuan mo siya ng tinapay (Handfeed him some bread).
    Subuan mo siya ng sabaw (Spoonfeed him some soup).
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