Ohanashi no Hajimari


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Hello :)

I've started reading some books in Japanese (books for children, I have to say, since my Japanese level is not very good), and I've seen that in some of them the first chapter is titled "ohanashi no hajimari" ("the beginning of the story"?)... I've always thought that means "prologue" or something similar, because the literal translation doesn't sound good to me... Am I right? Or is there another way to translate it? The literal translation is the right way to get it?

Thanks in advance!
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    I think it would be because children would not be able to appreciate words such as "prologue".

    I think that "Beginning of the tale" or "Start of story" would be easier to digest. Translating for kids is another level of ballgame.

    I would like to learn Spanish though! :D Commo esta!


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    You're right, I feel stupid to have asked this... For I moment I forgot that we were talking about books for children!! Thanks!!! :)


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    I suppose the best translation would be sort of our western and most common "C'ERA UNA VOLTA・ONCE THERE WAS・Il Y AVAIT UNE FOIS"...as a classical beginning of a tale or a fable - the straight translation of it being anyway about "TO BEGIN [の始まり・no hajimari」THE SPEECH 「お話し・o hanashi」"...
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