nobody will (come to) work after a holiday

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Based on my previous post, I didn't know that the statement nobody will work after Christmas can mean that everyone is leaving the company (e.g., resigned, terminated, laid off, etc.). I thought the context makes it clear that it's temporary.

- Our long break has been approved. Nobody will work after Christmas.​

What I meant was nobody will come to work after Christmas, and everyone will be back after the New Year celebration (as long as it's a working day).

Based on my experience, students usually have a long Christmas break, and employees normally do not go to work on the eve and day itself (Christmas and New Year). Depending on the company, some employees also enjoy a long Christmas break like the students.

So how would you express the idea that the employees will not come to work after Christmas (the 25th) but will be back in January after the New Year's celebration?
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