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how would you say you need to get along with someone? like

we need to get along with them.

would it be makipagkasundo or makisama?

cause i read that makipagkasundo is more like make a contract and for makisama i read that it literally meant get along with. someone said makipagkasundo would be right so i just wanted some clarification :D
  • DotterKat

    English (American)
    Makisama would be the more appropriate word since you wish to express in general terms, "getting along with someone".

    Kailangan nating makisama sa kanila (We need to get along with them).

    Makipagsundo would be more suitable in the context of coming to an agreement as to specific terms either informally or even within the boundaries of a contract.

    Kailangan nating makipagsundo sa kanila tungkol sa mga gastusin sa kasal (We need to come to an agreement with them regarding the wedding expenditures).

    Bago mo pirmahan ang kontrata, kailangan nating makipagsundo sa kanila tungkol sa mga ari-arian ni lolo at kung sino talaga ang dapat makapagmana ng mga ito (Before you sign the contract, we need to [negotiate / come to terms / come to an agreement] with them about grandfather's properties and who should truly inherit those properties).
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