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Alguien me podría ayudar con ambos términos por favor.
Los términos son parte de una tabla en un texto acerca de las viviendas especializadas para personas de la tercera edad en EE.UU.

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    In the underwriting process, this fiduciary has analyzed millions of investment dollars in real estate for senior citizen housing. The chart shows the types of assumptions a prudent investor would make, if he knows what the current occupancy is, along with the relative strength of the regional real estate market.

    The initial lease-up is generally the first two years after new construction, which allows time for the facility to fill up to its highest potential. If 77 units are occupied in a property with 100 units, here is the assumption that a reasonable investor could make the in the long run:

    The property will lease up to 85 units, in a STRONG market.

    The property will lease up to 80 units, in a GOOD market.

    The property will lease down to 75 units, in a FAIR/POOR market.

    BOTTOM LINE: The fiduciary has used experience and empirical data to report his or her opinion of what a “stabilized” occupancy should look like.

    So, here is my try:

    Asumir que la renta esta estabilizado, cuando se sube o baje hasta 85% ocupado.
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