J'èspere qu'il dit la vérité.

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Ali Smith

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Urdu - Pakistan
Bonjour !

Does "J'èspere qu'il dit la vérité." mean "I hope he's telling the truth (right now)." or "I hope he tells the truth (in the future)."?

I think it means the former because if it meant the latter it would have been "J'èspere qu'il dise la vérité."

Merci !
  • Ali Smith

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    Urdu - Pakistan
    I don't have any context. But "J'èspere qu'il dise la vérité." would have unequivocally meant "I hope he tells the truth (in the future).", right?


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    Spanish - Madrid (España)
    Thank you! But what would "J'èspere qu'il dise la vérité." mean then?
    Hey Ali,

    I would say « J'espère qu'il dit la vérité » can refer to past, present or future, impossible to determine without any further context.

    However, « J'espère qu'il dira la vérité » clairly express future, as the verb is expressed in a future tense.

    As for your last question, « J'espère qu'il dise la vérité », it's not grammatically correct:

    'Espérer' is always followed by indicative (dit, dira, a dit, etc) and not by subjunctive (dise)

    Hope that helps,



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    What would be possible is : "Je souhaite qu'il dise la vérité" (when the time comes).

    To Ali Smith : as mentioned by SwissPete, it is "j'espère"
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