Its been a while

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How would you "its been a while" to someone

I know of "matagal na tayo hindi nagkita" but is there a shortened version?

in the context of seeing someone again in a long time could you say "matagal na!" ?
  • DotterKat

    English (American)
    The correct form would be Matagal na tayong hindi nagkita.

    In the context of "it's been a while", matagal na is just a sentence fragment that does not convey your complete thought. Matagal na simply means "a long time", a phrase used to modify Tayo ay hindi nagkita "We have not seen each other" to produce Matagal na tayong hindi nagkita.

    As you may know, conversational Tagalog incorporates a lot of English words and phrases and it is not uncommon to hear "long time no see" between friends in the setting you have described. I would even say that it is more common to hear the English equivalent rather than the actual Tagalog sentence.
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