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Is "výloha" the correct word for "shop window" in the following context?
May I look at the jacket in the shop window?
Mohu se podívat na bundu ve výloze?

Thank you
  • bibax

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    Yes, výloha (shop window) is the correct word.

    also výklad (or somewhat longer výkladní skříň), but less common in the given context;
    ve výkladu/výkladě, ve výkladní skříni;

    is a calque from German: die Auslage (also das Schaufenster = lit. show window)
    < ausliegen < liegen = to lie = ležeti, uložiti;

    BTW, it is a quite strange question (in both languages), you can see the jacket in the shop window from the street.

    I should rather say: Mohu si prohlédnout bundu ve výloze.
    prohlédnouti = to take a look at (carefully, closely), to examine, to inspect;
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