I feel fierce when I wear pink!

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Hi. ^^ I'm VERY new to the language and I have bad grammar. I have a Korean friend--I help teach her English, she helps me learn Korean. We both love the same K-bands and I decided to make something that would make her laugh. =P I just don't know how to write this in Korean! If you can help, I'd appreciate it. :3

"I feel fierce when I wear pink!"
  • DanTheMan

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    That's a hard one to translate, but I'll give it a shot.

    분홍색 옷을 입을 때 난 내가 사납다라는 기분이 든다!

    I'm assuming you can read 한글 (hangul), but if you can't, let me know.

    How you use intonation is fairly important in the sentence to get the right feeling, but it will probably make her laugh no matter what intonation you say it with.

    Good look with your Korean.
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