Hindi, Urdu: kisii ke kaan pe chaar lagaanaa

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The expression kisii ke kaan pe chaar lagaanaa (to lay four on someone's ear) means "to slap someone"?

I found it in the following stanza:

ghuur ke dekhe jo koii tujhko
kaan pe uske chaar lagaa duuN!

[sample Youtube video OulN7vTDq1I at 0:58]

Thanks in advance
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    In "chaar" here, "chaar haath" is meant: "haath" (hand) is elided.

    "kaan pe chaar lagaanaa" is, yes, to give a tight slap to someone. A very common expression. "kaan pe" is not always used: just "chaar lagaanaa" can be enough. For example, a person menacing the other: "chaar lagaauNgaa tere!"

    Note that the very heavily used words for a slap otherwise are chaaNTaa, chapat, rai(N)pTaa, and (the more generic) thappaR. "tamaachaa," "jhaapaR," and "lappaR" have become less common in usage in many areas; "chapeTaa" is also used; "chameTaa" is a specific kind of slap. I remember a word that sounds like "kaiNp(a)Taa," used more for a kind of slap on the back of the head, but I have never used it myself and haven't heard it since some time, so my memory of that word and its exact spelling have faded for now.
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