He pegado un estirón

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Hola a todos.

Hace un ratito he empezado de ver Naruto Shipuuden (dibujo animado japones) en español. En uno de los episodios Naruto (el protagonista del serio) dice: Eh, que va, mira he pegado un estirón) Qué significa eso ne inglés?

Muchas gracias de antemano.

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    Bienvenido al foro.
    Solo comentarte que estaría bien que te leyeras las normas, existen hilos con este término y no está permitido enlazar a Youtube.
    Significa growth spurt.


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    He pegado un estirón - I've shot up (in height).
    A pesar de lo que dice en nuestro diccionario, no me imagino diciendo 'I've had a growth spurt'. suena muy raro.


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    Hola, reabro este hilo viejo porque me interesa aclarar algo. "Have a growth spurt" suena raro en USA también? Necesito usar la expresión, y quisiera que funcione para Br y Am en lo posible.
    Muchas gracias.

    Yo tengo que traducir "pegué un estirón enorme", y pensé en "I had a huge spurt". ¿Qué opinan? ¿Suena natural?

    Muchas gracias de antemano.

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    I can assure you that "to have a growth spurt" is quite common in AmEn, at least. Every child has several, so we often have occasion to use the phrase.

    I would certainly include the word "growth," because without that word, the phrase could be misinterpreted, and could even sound comically sexual.

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    I've seen it on the internet in the context of breastfeeding babies, as well as of adolescents.

    It's true that it sounds a bit strange to think about it in a sentence in the first sentence, but I'd say that's because this idea only applies for teenagers, as it refers to the period of growth that occurs in the young years.

    This term is most often said in sentences using the third person, referring to someone else, and it's normally teenagers or mums who say them.

    In order to think of a sentence with this word in the first person, one would necessarily have to put oneself in the shoes of a teenager - something that doesn't come naturally for most of us, as we're not in that age group. :)

    The Merriam Webster offers this definition:

    (*) Merriam Webster
    - Growth spurt

    an occurrence of growing quickly and suddenly in a short period of time

    - When he was 11 he had a growth spurt.

    Definition of GROWTH SPURT


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    Very interesting contributions, thank you all!
    I had already used "I had a huge growth spurt" (it's someone reminiscing on his teenage years), but I loved "shoot up like a beanpole," and it's good to know it's used. Will use it next time.

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