generación de activos intangibles

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I'd like to know what words collocate with assets in the following sentence:

De aprobarse a nivel de Vicerrectoría, el reglamento permitirá facilitar el posicionamiento de UAI+D, junto con el incentivo de generación de activos intangibles y el relacionamiento con la industria.

If approved by the Vice-Presidency, these rules will help the institution to facilitate the positioning of the innovation department, to encourage the generation of intangible assets :confused: and to strengthen the links with the industry.

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  • Joe Esquire

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    Intangible assets are generally patents, trademarks, goodwill and the like. In the context of an educational institution, I don’t think it needs an additional modifier. I would suggest a small change however: “la industria” as a general sector of the economy does not translate as “the industry”.
    Industry by itself refers to one’s productivity. I would suggest the “industrial sector” .

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