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German Learner

Hello friends!

It's from a book.
1. Wie gefallen wir der Stadtteil?
2. Schmecken dir der Salat?

Why the correct answers aren't "gefallt" in the first sentence and schmeckt in the second?

Thank You!
  • bearded

    Senior Member
    There are some mistakes in your book (apparently not a very good book ;)) . It should be:
    1. Wie gefällt uns (euch?) der Stadtteil?
    2. Schmeckt dir der Salat?
    The verbs in your book are both in the infinitive. They shoud be conjugated, as you have stated.


    Senior Member
    Hi, German Learner, could you please give the source?
    And could you, please, double check the spelling? And the context?

    Both sentences are wrong.
    Correct is, for example:
    1. Wie gefällt dir der Stadtteil?
    2. Schmeckt dir der Salat?

    But it depends on context. Here I have corrected as "dir=singular dativ".


    crossed with bearded.
    He may be right and it is a declination task. Blease give context.
    What exactly is the task?

    PS: gefallt is definitely wrong. It can be "gefällt".
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