Folia dē/ex arbore ceciderunt


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If I want to say "The leaves fell from the tree"(Folia dē/ex arbore ceciderunt),should I use the preposition "de" or "ex"?I know "ex" is normally used with the meaning of "out of"(the interior),but I've seen "ē caelō",so it can be synonymous with "de"(down from).
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    I don't think it would matter much. You are right about the formal distinction between de "down from" and ex "out of," but if you had a reason to emphasize one or the other to better express the image you have in mind, you could feel free to do so. I think I would be likely to use de for leaves, and probably ex for a person who lost his perch.


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    Couldn’t agree more! Latin is a very flexible language that affords very nuanced expressions.

    Your question is absolutely a matter of what you envision and what you want the listener or reader to envision... and you’d choose dē or ex to do that just as a painter would choose green or blue to paint a leaf or the sky.