First Amendment translation variances

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  • Wadi Hanifa

    Senior Member
    I think the NCC version is closer to the original English (e.g. the ACLU version translates 'speech' as ta'biir, which actually means 'expression'), even though I really dislike their use of تنقيح for 'amendment'.

    It's a challenging document to translate, though. For example, both versions translate 'establishment' as إقامة, which is somewhat broader than what the original is trying to cover. But I don't think there is a single word in Arabic that will express something so historically and culturally contingent so it will have to do (and the term's English sense has arguably expanded since the time it was drafted anyway). Another tricky one is 'petition': the NCC uses مطالبة while the ACLU uses التماس. I think مطالبة is closer to the spirit of the document but it's not really clear-cut.
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