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Hi there,

I need to translate fe pública. It is just part of the slogan of the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry Office. The entire slogan reads,

"La guarda de la fé pública"

My try: "The guard of the public oath"

Thanks for your help.
  • Dani California

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    Spain, Spanish
    Hi javier
    The guard/protection of the (legal) authority to attest documents.
    Fe pública: legal authority to attest documents.

    Joe Esquire

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    Spanish Spain- English US
    javier, one additional observation:
    (i) el guarda, es la persona que se encarga de la vigilancia
    (ii) la guarda, se refiere al acto de proteger o cuidar.

    So, I would start the phrase with: "The Proteccion of ..........."

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