Escanyolit, esllanguit, neulit sinònims?

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Bon dia.

Totes aquestes paraules són més o menys intercanviables? Totes es poden utilitzar per a referir-se a una persona? Les he vist totes en la mateixa i no sóc capaç de trobar cap diferència.

Prim: escanyolit, neulit, escardalenc, esllanguit, escarransit

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    Poden referir-se a persones i coses.
    1. escanyolit = molt prim, molt magre.
    2. neulit = escarransit, raquític.
    3. escardalenc = sec, molt prim, molt magre.
    4. esllanguit = allanguit, amagrit i sense força.
    5. escarransit = neulit, raquític, mancat de desenvolupament.


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    Hello Twist-ful
    The Catalan forum is subject to the WordReference rules, just as all the other forums are, and threads which consist of a list of possible synonyms, asking for the difference between them, unfortunately do not comply with the rules. You have a detailed reply but the thread is now being closed.
    Thank you.
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