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In this sentence:
" ha egy ember van, aki beszéli a nyelvedet,könnyen elkényelmesedhetsz, kevésbé fejlődik a nyelvtudásod"

I can't quite understand that "elkényelmesedhetsz", I get what "elmesedhetsz" means, but what does "elkény" mean here? Is it some kind of construction?
As for the context, it's about meeting people who speak your language while living abroad and the possibility of it hampering your progress in the language spoken in that country.
Thank you!
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    kényelmes (ember) = comfort-loving person, actually a lazy person
    kényelmesedik = to become comfort-loving, lazy
    elkényelmesedik = the same, but the perfect verb form
    elkényelmesedhetsz = you can get lazy


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    Hello tarinoidenkertoja,

    You could tell us what "elmesedhetsz" means then because I have never heard of it...!:D

    Just to give a bit more details:
    kény is the root that gave a lot of words, connected with the idea of decision/will/inclination/desire

    elkényelmesedik (or in 2nd pers. Sing: elkényelmesedsz) - to become/you become more and more comfort loving/demanding/dependent

    elkényelmesedhet (or in 2nd pers. Sing.: elkényelmesedhetsz) - one/you may become more and more comfort loving/demanding/dependent.
    In Italian: impoltronirsi