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Jessika M

New Member
Hi, i was hoping someone could help me translate this symbol... this picture is the vest i have, and was taken a year before my friend past away.... i was hoping to get this tattoo translated so i can also get the same tattoo in remembrance.

What i know..... the symbol she originally got was an Arabic symbol for Dream... however, there looks like there is extra here... can someone please please help.

Thank you!!!
  • cherine

    Arabic (Egypt).
    The Arabic word for dream is حلم. The photo is not very clear, but I can see that the word is written in a decorative calligraphy. So you can't just type out the word in a word file and expect it to look exactly like the one in the photo, it needs to be done by someone who has some knowledge of calligraphy to make it look beautiful like that one.
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