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I'm translating a legal document, and I don't have the entire thing for context, however there are TWO consecutive headlines. The document opens as follows:

Sección III



Conciliar los objetivos de crecimiento y de rentabilidad de la empresa con una toma de conciencia responsable de los aspectos sociales....

I know that "Pagina de Inicio" could be translated as, "Home page" but in this case there is no reference to computers. (I am unfamiliar with what a "double home page" would BE anyway.) I am guessing here, but I WANT to translate the second line as: "Dual OBJECTIVES". I am assuming that the second headline is reiterating what the line above refers to. Since they are responding to Social & Environmental Responsibility? Two items?

Help. I'm thinking Waaaaaay too much on this one! Ideas?
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    Hello MauiGuy43,

    I learned doble a página ___ to mean turn to page ___. (The verb is doblar.) Is it possible that someone left out the a and it reads turn to the first page.

    Since this is a legal document, you may receive more help if you post it on the Forum for Specialized Terminolgoy.

    All the best.
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