Cringeworthy, cringey

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Hello dear foreros,
here I am proposing a dictionary addition.

Term: cringeworthy, cringey (informal English)

Definition or explanation: : so embarrassing, awkward, or upsetting as to cause one to cringe (i.e. to react toward something or someone with embarrassment, slight disgust, or reluctance); making someone feel embarrassed or uncomfortable

Example: <It was a cringeworthy performance from start to finish.>

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    (also cringy)
    ADJECTIVEcringier, cringiest
    • 1Causing feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness.
      ‘one of his cringey attempts at camaraderie’
      ‘cringey sex scenes’
    • 2Servile or timid; cringing.
      ‘he was cringey and smarmy when Carstairs was there and called him all sorts of horrible names when he wasn't’
      ‘they are fearful of losing their jobs, cringey to their bosses and to those in power’
    Cringey | Definition of Cringey by Lexico


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    cringeworthy, adj.
    Brit. /ˈkrɪn(d)ʒˌwəːði/
    , U.S. /ˈkrɪndʒˌwərði/
    Origin: Formed within English, by compounding. Etymons: cringe v., -worthy comb. form.
    Etymology: < cringe v. + -worthy comb. form. Compare earlier cringe-making adj....

    Causing (or liable to cause) one to cringe with fear or (more usually) acute embarrassment, awkwardness, disgust, etc.; spec. designating or relating to an artistic production or performance which exhibits embarrassing incompetence, pretension, or sentimentality.
    [1972 Beano 1 Apr. 10 ‘This is our new little chum Cuthbert Cringeworthy.’ ‘Greetings, ugly pupils!’]
    1977 Alton (Illinois) Tel. 22 Jan. d6/3 Once you get past the sillier aspects of the plot, the chair-gripping horror is there. ‘Cringe-worthy’ in spots, if a bit drawn out.


    Some people round here say "cringe" as an adjective meaning "cringeworthy". I don't know if it's too slangy for a dictionary?
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