consonants & vowels in Latin

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Castellano - Español
hello everybody,
I need to Know about Latin phonetic...
My mother tongue is Spanish, and we pronounce every vowel and consonant with the same phonetic each one represent in the alphabet.
My question is...

Do the consonants & vowels in Latin have the same pronunciation that the alphabet ???

for ex: in french
eau: [o]
au: [o]
ai, ei : [E]
ail: [ai]
er, es, ez, et, ect: [e]
that case exists in Latin???
thank you
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    Link 1 Good for beginners--with audio.
    Link 2 A quick guide to the pronunciation.
    Link 3 Quite a detailed account.
    Link 4 The book that is referenced in virtually all detailed discussions of Latin orthography and pronunciation. Only a portion is viewable online.

    The two links below may be of special interest to you as a native Spanish speaker:
    Link 5
    Link 6

    You may also want to check out the Resources thread.
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