café batido

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Joe B

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Argentinian Spanish
Hello Everyone,

In Argentina, it's very common for us to have "café batido". We mix one or two coffee spoonfuls of instant coffee, some sugar, and a drop of water, and beat it all until it's a brown cream.

When you add the hot water you get a "frothy" coffee.

What do you call that in the US? And in the UK? And if it's something that doesn't exist, what would you call it?

Many thanks!

Joe B
  • Chaska Ñawi

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    Canadian English
    Oh, dear .... no, we don't have an equivalent. In fact, there's a sharp cultural divide in North America between instant coffee drinkers and "real coffee" drinkers. (I can say this with impunity because I drink both.)

    Let's see: fake capuccino? Not really, because you don't use milk or cream. Whipped coffee? Accurate but I've never heard it used.

    I'll go have a second cup of coffee (real, very black, Bolivian, no sugar or cream) and ponder further. In the meantime, I think I'd stick with "fake capuccino".

    Lo siento que no puedo ayudarte mejor.



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    OK! Thanks for the recipe - I'll try that later on, see how it tastes.....

    To be honest, this seems like a very "local" coffee style. I have never come across it and agree with what Ñawi says. As I don't believe it exists elsewhere, though would love to be contradicted, you might want to have a look at the Starbucks site for inspiration in your search for an "invented" name ......
    - look under "nuestras bebidas favoritas".
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    Joe B

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    Argentinian Spanish

    Thank you so much Chaska Ñawi and carlingüismos. You've been awesome. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    I think "whipped coffee" describes it accurately - no wonder you've never heard it used, you don't have it!

    Really grateful.


    Wandering JJ

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    British English
    I know I'm a little late, but I remember preparing coffee exactly as describedin Post #1 when I was a student living away from home. Usually, after a night out drinking beer, we'd return to someone's apartment and, finding there was no milk, prepare coffee exactly as described. I had completely forgotten about this practice until I can upon this thread!
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