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I came across this obscure term and I've been unable to figure out its exact meaning with the aid of dictionaries. Does anybody know what "bread-berry" means?

From the context (please see below), I gather it is some kind of food or edible plant but can't understand what kind of food exactly.

I think it could be a regional term, possibly Scottish (the following text was written by R.L. Stevenson, and includes several Scottish terms, e.g. "hind" = "farm worker") or maybe it could be an archaic term (this text dates back to the second half of the XIX century).

At last we were called to table. The two hinds [...] supped off a single plate of some sort of bread-berry, some potatoes in their jackets, a small cup of coffee sweetened with sugar-candy, and one tumbler of swipes. The landlady, her son, and the lass aforesaid, took the same. Our meal was quite a banquet by comparison. {Source}

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Ryenart =]

    This is old English language, which is why we don't use some of these terms anymore <Strange symbols deleted>
    But yes, Loob's got it pretty much spot-on - it was just a kind of sweet bread <Strange symbols deleted>
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