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Hello and a Happy New Year!

Help! I am translating a valdation protocol for a freeze-drying (lyophilisation) procedure. It refers to "arella" nearly 50 times, so it is not a typing error, but I cannot find it in any dictionary.

For example, it says "Prima di caricare l'ultima arella del liofilizzatore...", and the "arella" can be "alta", "intermedia" or "bassa". To me it sounds like it should mean something like "rack", "tray" or "shelf".

Can anyone help, please?
  • tsoapm

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    I’m a bit stuck with a meat preparation term. This is talking about beef:
    Confezionamento – imballaggio
    I prodotti preparati possono essere:
    • sistemati su arelle o giostre o roll;
    • appesi in corda;
    • confezionati;
    • imballati in scatole di cartone.
    I don’t even know whether arelle is singular or plural, but apparently it looks like this


    and it’s where meat is placed before packing.

    I’m having trouble even thinking of a generic term. Meat shelf thingamies? They look just like tall wheeled containers in warehouses to me, but I’m not sure whether those have a specific name. Bins? I’m just not getting there...



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    This site (Italian) translates "arelle" with "trays":
    "Le arelle in plastica realizzate da *** sono contenitori in polistirene certificati specifici per uso farmaceutico".
    "The plastic trays manufactured by *** are certified polystyrene containers designed specifically for pharmaceutical use".

    london calling

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    On that photo it says for 'sezionamento'
    , which I take as meaning it has something to do with portions. Maybe they mean polystyrene meat trays, given they are part of the packaging. That steel whatever-it-is might just be the place where the meat is packed, not the 'arella ' itself.

    I don't really know. I'm just thinking out loud.


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    Thanks all! I shall have a ponder... actually, I think I’ll go with ‘rack’ in this case, since I have specific indications from the client.
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