Anyday now vs sooner or later

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Anushka Athukorala

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Hello Members
Could you please help me to learn the difference between these two?
A. They will be leaving the country anyday now.
B. They will be leaving the country sooner or later.
C. Your dog is going to give birth anyday now.
D. Your dog is going to give birth sooner or later.
  • elroy

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    any day now = sometime in the very near future
    sooner or later = eventually; it could be soon, or not so soon, but it will happen eventually


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    They mean quite different things.

    It could happen any day now (or at any moment, depending on what it is)
    — we know it’s imminent, but not when it will happen

    It will happen sooner or later
    — all we know is that it will inevitably happen at some point in the future
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    Keith Bradford

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    An example:
    • Dogs gestate for 58-68 days. If your dog is 62 days pregnant, she will be giving birth any day now.
    • Scientists estimate that the sun will survive for another four or five billion years or so, but that it will die sooner or later.
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