adjusted equity holders’ profit of parent

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Does anybody how to traleste to spanish the following sentence "Adjusted equity holders’ profit of parent"

It is a IFRS Accounting Performance Management Measure.

The context is as follows:

The Group uses three management performance measures as defined in [draft] IFRS X in its financial communications with users of financial statements. The three measures are ‘adjusted operating profit’, ‘adjusted net profit’ and ‘adjusted equity holders’ profit of parent’.

I think there is a formal traslation for this but i dont know how it is
  • Rothgo

    Spain Spanish
    Hi Hermes,

    I'm not sure if there's a formal translation - possibly not - but I can infer the following translation into Spanish:

    "Beneficio ajustado de los accionistas de la matriz",
    considering that 'equity holders' has the same meaning as 'shareholders'

    Joe Esquire

    Senior Member
    Spanish Spain- English US
    Just a clarification in syntax: I read it as the profit of the parent entity (not the shareholder’s direct profit), for purposes of reporting performance. Perhaps tweaking the possessory a bit.
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