100 feet under water vs at a depth of 100 feet under water

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The original text is as followed:
Oil rigs have to be repaired frequently and divers, who often have to work in darkness a hundred feet under water, have been frightened out of their wits by giant fish bumping into them as they work.
New Concept English, Longman.

Is there any difference between ‘100 feet under water’ and ‘at a depth of 100 feet under water‘?
Thank you!
  • Edinburgher

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    The context of diving makes it unnecessary to say "under water", and there is duplication also between "depth" and "under". So if you say "at a depth of", then it is enough to say "100 feet" without adding "under water".

    If you don't use "depth", I think it would also be better not to use "under water" but instead something like "below the surface".
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