¿Por qué en España se cena tarde?

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    Buenas noches a todos: Pues de hecho tuve una confusión con unos ingleses hace un tiempo.

    Íbamos a hacer un chat en skippi :p y me indicaron la hora: las 12 de la tarde.

    Yo dije, anda, perfecto para mí, ya que siempre me acuesto tarde. En ningún momento se me podía ocurrir que se hablaba de las 12 del mediodía. Yo estaba convencido de que se hablaba de medianoche...evidentemente era raro llamarlo "de la tarde", pero como dicha persona no hablaba demasiado bien el español, estaba convencido.

    Claro, la conversación no tuvo lugar ;)


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    ¿Alguien sabe la cultura de España y porque a los españoles les gusta cenar a las diez o más luego? Y ¿si cenaron a las diez desayunarían a las onces? Lo siento necesito mejorar mi español.


    An interesting take on this: The real reason why Spaniards eat late
    .. in the late 1930s, and Franco didn't have much to offer. He stayed neutral, but switched Spain's clocks ahead one hour, to be in line with Nazi Germany.

    Ever since, even though Spain is geographically in line with Britain, Portugal and Morocco — its clocks are on the same time zone as countries as far east as Poland and Hungary.
    Perhaps it is time to wake up and smell the coffee.


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    I don't agree AT ALL with the time zone explanation the BBC gives. In Galicia it could be half true, but Barcelona shares meridian with Paris and has the same time zone, and people eat late there, too, but not in Paris. In addition to that, there's not only a one hour gap with other countries, there are two hours for the lunch and 3-4 hours for the dinner in comparison with Great Britain, for example, which also shares solar time with us but has just one hour less, not two or 3-4. Our schedules are completely different, they're not the same with just one hour later, and definitely not the same that other Europeans have taking into account the solar time.
    It started more or less at that time in history, but it was motivated by the social conditions and the autarchy of the afterwar, which made people work differently, with longer work time and two different jobs in many cases, and not just by having a one hour gap in our time zone, which leaves us just with the time of France, which is where half the country is right south of.
    This happens in all the country, not only in the East, which would be the case if it were the reason.
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