1. C

    English to Spanish ice crystals: sentence examples

    The sentence in English and Spanish don't seem to match here. The English sentence is: It was so cold that ice crystals were forming on his beard and hair. The Spanish sentence doesn't seem to reference his beard or his hair, and instead refers to pine cones: "las agujas de pino." I recommend...
  2. M

    English to Italian top

    superare, battere, eccedere, oltrepassare
  3. M

    English to Italian streamer

  4. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English restregar

    restregarse⇒ v prnl coloquial (personas: frotarse, rozarse) (very informal)rub up vi phrasal rub against vi phrasal Aprovechaban el baile para restregarse. They were taking advantage of the dance to rub each other up. English terms should translate "restregarse" and therefore, "each...
  5. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English resonancia

    La resonancia de esta caja de ritmos es fantástica. The resonance of this musical box is fantastic. Shouldn't it rather be "beatbox" or "drum machine"? Drum machine - Wikipedia
  6. S

    English to French left

    left the building
  7. A

    English to Portuguese homesteader

  8. G

    Spanish to English beneficiario

    A better translation for "el beneficiario del testamento lo hereda todo" would be "The beneficiary of the will inherits everything."
  9. H

    Spanish to English desgana

    You list this word: desganar but do not have an entry in the spanish-english dictionary.
  10. F

    English base probity

    There is a small mistake in the example given. It's not probitity, but probity. Regards,
  11. C

    English to Spanish Easter Island

    Pascua does not need an accent mark. This is a two syllable word, since u & a form a dipthong. Spanish words that end in a vowel have the stress on the second to last syllable, so the stress falls naturally on the a in the first (second to last) syllable. In Spanish, a word with this pattern...
  12. L

    English to Italian outward-looking

    che guarda avanti
  13. L

    Spanish to English dar clase

    dar clase can also mean "take a class" (as a student) DLE Dar 14. tr. Impartir una lección, pronunciar una conferencia o charla. 15. tr. Recibir una clase. Ayer dimos clase de matemáticas. dar | Diccionario de la lengua española
  14. N

    English to Arabic forfaiting

  15. D

    English to Spanish round

    Do the rounds (hacer una ronda, visitar), as in "Periodically, nurses do the rounds in patient rooms."
  16. M

    English to Italian frown

    frown lines= pieghe/rughe sulla fronte
  17. A

    English to Spanish moderation

    The item "mesura" is missing as an option to mean moderation.
  18. A

    French to English maux

    search for maux get mail - not helpful
  19. C

    English base crossguard

    On a sword, the crossguard, or cross-guard, also known as quillon, is a bar of metal at right angles to the blade, placed between the blade and the hilt. The crossguard was developed in the European sword around the 10th century for the protection of the wielder's hand. › wiki ›...
  20. Τ

    English to Greek crossguard

    τσούμπα/χειροφυλακτήρας/ crossguard/quillon
  21. H

    English to Spanish won't

    no lo hare
  22. H

    Spanish to English riel

    curtain rod?
  23. H

    Spanish to English almohadilla

    Guatemalan Spanish teacher says it is also a "borrador" or eraser. Para pizzara o para lápiz.
  24. A

    Greek to English κωλόφαρδος

  25. T

    French to English roublard

    There’s a spelling error: “peu scupuleux” should be spelled as “peu scrupuleux”
  26. Π

    English to Greek errant

    παραστρατημένος, παραστρατημένη, παραστρατημένο
  27. E

    English to Portuguese then

    Dar prioridade de tradução literal da palavra THEN como ENTÃO.
  28. L

    English to Italian break loose

  29. H

    Spanish to English vecino

    Se ha declarado un incendio en un solar vecino al mío. ⓘ There's a corner shop next to my house. You have a Spanish and what is supposed to be the English translation. How did you get this translation?
  30. M

    French to English piscine

    My french teacher said that piscine means beach! Can anyone help to say their ideas if piscine means beach or swimming pool?
  31. L

    English to Italian stroke a horse

    strigliare un cavallo
  32. D

    Greek to English Σέλα

    Η σέλα είναι είναι κάθισμα που κυρίως τοποθετείται επάνω σε ράχη αλόγου.
  33. S

    English to Italian nudge

    Spingere lentamente o leggermente
  34. V

    English to Greek recycle waste

    ανακύκλωση απορρημάτων
  35. S

    Spanish base diminutivo

    Diminutivo en España es la forma alternativa de los nombres de pila que se usan de manera familiar, como Francisco/Paco, José/Pepe, Isabel/Isa, María Luisa/Marisa, etc. El diccionarion ES EN no recoge esta acepción. Gracias.
  36. Φ

    English to Greek domain

    περιοχή συγκεκριμένης δράσης
  37. P

    English to Greek infectious

    λοιμώδης infectious disease λοιμώδης νόσος
  38. G

    French to English progressisme

    It seems the word "progressisme" translates to progressivism and not progressism
  39. M

    English to Italian rough

    roughing= sgrossamento this pump is only used to achieve UHV conditions after a roughing pump has already reduced the pressure to about 0.1 Pa= questa pompa è usata soltanto per ottenere condizioni di ultra-alto vuoto dopo che una pompa di sgrossamento ha già ridotto la pressione a circa...
  40. G

    English to Spanish miles squared

    I can find "square [distance]" translations easily, but I'm having trouble finding "[distance] squared". For example, five square miles is only 20% of five miles squared. It would be very handy to have the second term available here in Spanish.
  41. S

    English to Spanish backdrop

    Missing the translation of 'backdrop' as a verb. It can be translated also as "contexto". Example: Audi's latest move comes amid a backdrop of increasing competition in China's electric car market. (en el contexto de...)
  42. S

    English to Spanish squire

    Missing translation of the verbal form. I guess that, in Spanish, 'squire' (as a verb) means 'acompañar', right?
  43. M

    English to French fer

    Les apports de fer en alimentation
  44. Λ

    English to Greek sleuthing

    ντιτεκτιβλίκι έρευνα εξιχνίασης
  45. A

    English base corticospinal tract

    The corticospinal tract is a white matter motor pathway starting at the cerebral cortex that terminates on lower motor neurons and interneurons in the spinal cord, controlling movements of the limbs and trunk. ... The corticospinal tract is one of the pyramidal tracts, the other being the...
  46. M

    Spanish to English preocupar

    A mi hermano solo lo preocupa el dinero - solo LE preocupa... Money's the only thing that interests my brother.
  47. A

    English to French template

    Le mot "trame" peut également être utilisé dans le cadre des documents. The word "trame" can also be used when tzlking about document template.
  48. A

    English to Spanish impeachment

    The term "juicio político" should be among the options listed for "impeachment".
  49. fenixpollo

    English base grace presence

    I suggest a change to the English sample sentence using the phrase “grace us with your presence.” The current sentence sounds odd when translated because the Spanish example uses “honrar” two times. For example: The mayor of the town was elated that the governor graced him with his presence at...
  50. L

    English to French gaze back

    Missing the French translation for: "to gaze back" = regarder en arrière