1. Pokeflute

    Hindi, Urdu: ke beech vs. ke beech meN

    What's the difference between "ke beech" and "ke beech meN"? Are they interchangeable? Or can each only be used in a certain situation?
  2. L

    Hindi: Way, method

    How do you say "way" as in "method" in Hindi? Most translation websites are giving me "raastaa". So if I wanted to say, "This is a good way to learn" - "yeh achchhaa siikhnaa vaalaa raastaa hai". What about "There are many ways to do this"?
  3. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: bakar bakar

    Friends, The song "Genda Phool" is a song by the rapper Badshah, where this individual, as usual in the genre, boasts about his amatory prowess. (BTW the chorus of the song is a ripoff of a folk Bangla song of the same name) The lyrics are quite vulgar. At some point, they go: lage miiThii...
  4. A

    Hindi-Urdu: make the best of (a situation)

    Hello, How would we say 'to make the best of' a situation? For example: It's raining, we're at the beach, but let's make the best of the situation and try to have fun regardless. You don't have all the ingredients necessary for the dish, but make the best of it and see what we can whip...
  5. S

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: lockdown

    Dear Foreros, We live in incredibly interesting times as the world braces for a lockdown and self-quarantine. But the question here is how would you refer to this phenomenon in the languages above. Quarantine itself is Qarantiina & Qaranteen in Urdu. Self-quarantine would thereby be...
  6. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu: chaRhaayaa چڑھایا

    Friends, I would need to abuse this forum's patience with one last query about the Coke Studio song "Hairaan Hua" At some point, the song relates the execution of the Persian mystic Mansour Hallaj, who apparently was hung or decapitated, and what probably were his last words (or something he...
  7. eskandar

    Hindi/Urdu: andaaza karnaa/lagaanaa

    I understand both of these terms (andaaza karnaa and andaaza lagaana) to mean "to guess." Is there a difference between them, however subtle? Contexts where you might use one or the other?
  8. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: جلوه گاہِ ناز / जलवा गाह-ए-नाज़

    Friends, What is گاہِ ناز / गाह-ए-नाज़, as used in the following stanza of the Coke Studio song "Hairaan Hua"? हमें भी जलवा गाह-ए-नाज़ तक लेते चलो मूसा ہمیں بھی جلوہ گاہِ ناز تک لیتے چلو موسیٰ तुम्हीं ग़श आ गया तू हसन-ए-जानाँ कौन देखेगा تمہیں غش آ گیا تو حسنِ جاناں کون دیکھے گا The...
  9. Pokeflute

    [Hindi/Urdu] bina koi fikar ke

    I'm watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and one of the characters says: तो बिना कोई फिकर के जितने भी डायमंड्स खरीदने हैं, खरीद लो to binaa koi fikar ke jitne diamonds kareedne hain, kareed lo Would "binaa kisi diamonds ke" work here? Or is it then "ke binaa" is inverted, the object doesn't take...
  10. Pokeflute

    [Hindi/Urdu] Kya se kya hua

    Heads up: swearing/bad language The song "Bhaag DK Bose" has the following lyrics: A few questions: 1. The first line is translated as "Oh by god I was screwed/damned". Is "lag gayi" commonly used to say "I was screwed" ? If so, what would the full sentence be? 2. I'm having trouble...
  11. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: baDh chale haiN yeh qadam

    Friends, What is the "baDh" used in the stanza below? jaan hathelii par liye lo baDh chale haiN yeh qadam ziNdagii to apnii mehmaan maut kii mahfil meN hai It belongs to the patriotic ghazal "Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna". Example text (not very good)
  12. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: "station" spelling

    Friends, I stumbled upon the English word "station". Or, since I find several "sTeshanoN", the Hindustani, assimilated word "sTeshan" I noticed that in Urdu the entry is اِسْٹیشَن , with an initial /e/ sound (like in Spanish), but in Hindi is स्टेशनों, without any initial vowel. Just out of...
  13. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: duurii banaae rakhnaa

    Friends, In the following stanza, from the song "Bad Boy", the female singer says to a man: tuune le liyaa yah dil tujhse duurii banaae rakhnaa [boy], ab ho gayaa mushkil What has become difficult? Staying away from you? Getting away from you? Getting away from you, and staying that way? I...
  14. Maharaj

    Hindi, Urdu: समझाना Samjhana

    Hello, "Main aapko ek ghante se yahi samjhane ki koshish kar raha hoon" How to say that in English? I want to know it for all formal / informal conversations.
  15. S

    Hindi: को॰

    What is the abbreviation को॰ short for? I saw it in the Hindi Wiktionary entry for आय: "३. आगमन । आना (को॰) ।".
  16. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: Oldies

    Friends, Is there an Hindi or Urdu equivalent to the English endearing word "Oldies" used, for example, in the context of a music radio station specializing in music from the 1950's, or for very famous black-and-white "silver screen" movies, or in general, for any work of art that is no longer...
  17. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: jaa ke xat[a]m

    Friends, The following stanza belongs to "Vaaste", a generic love song: tujhii se hotaa shuruu / yah meraa kaarvaaN tujhii pe jaa ke xat[a]m / yah meraa saaraa jagat the second verse is supposed to mean something typical of love songs, in the line of "This whole world of mine ... ends in...
  18. marrish

    Hindi: yahii teraa ghaam यही तेरा घाम

    So I was reading MonsieurGonzalito's thread about 'ek naam ka'ii ruup' where he quoted a Kishore Kumar song with the words, ek ruup kaii naam man maNdir tērā ghaam jivaan denaa jivaan lenaa yahii teraa ghaam (from the song "Ek Rup Kai Nam" of the movie "Swami Dada" interpreted by Kishore Kumar)...
  19. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: gavaa iimaan

    Friends, The (apparently hugely famous) video clip "Vaaste", some juvenile/student love song, starts like this. A lover is saying what he/she would be willing to give up for the beloved. वास्ते जान भी दूँواسطے جان بھی دوں मैं गवा ईमान भी दूँمیں گوا اِیمان بھی دوں क़िस्मतों का लिखा मोड़...
  20. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hind: ek/kaii nam, kaii ruup

    Friends, What is the general idea in the expressions: "ek ruup, kaii naam", or "kaii naam, kaii ruup"? Is there an idiomatic value, or should be translated literally (one/many form/s, many names)? Examples: kaii naam kaii ruup mere rom rom meN jaage jag saaraa mujh ko bas apnaa apnaa laage...
  21. Panther writer

    Hindi: Piya aiso jiya men samaay gayo re

    I know the piya is used to refer love interest. But I am curious to know is piya word referred to male gender only. Because what songs I have heard, the word piya is frequetly used to refer the male gender only. By the way, the word piya is from the popular hindi song Piya aiso jiya men...
  22. Maharaj

    Hindi: इतना..कि उसे इसके साथ नहीं

    There was a conversation going on about Indian states, one guy said Maharashtra is just like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to which I said: महाराष्ट्र इन राज्यों से इतना आगे है कि आप इसे उन राज्यों के साथ नहीं रख सकते या उल्लेख नहीं कर सकते। It's so ahead that it cannot find a mention with these...
  23. Maharaj

    Hindi: संभाल के रखना

    Hello friends, I want to say this in English: Meri teacher ne mujhe greeting card diya tha use maine bahut saalo tak sambhal k rakha phir guma diya. I'm not able to form the bold part.
  24. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: taubaa + genitive

    Friends, I am aware that, as "taubaa" is "repentance, vowing not to sin again", when used + genitive it can be used as some sort of interjection, i.e. mere taubaa == I vow not to sin again! With that in mind, I would like to know if my interpretation is correct for this verse. I am assuming...
  25. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: chalo ... kih ... to introduce a hypothesis

    Friends: In the following stanza, is "chalo" being used to introduce a hypothesis? Akin to English Let's go ahead [and assume] that ... Can chalo be used that way? [Edited: something like maano] chalo ham farz karte hai kih tum se pyaar karte hai magar is pyaar ko bhii kiyaa hamii pe farz...
  26. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: بے غرض / बे-ग़रज़

    Friends, The beautiful stanza below also belongs to the song "Bol Kaffara Kya Hoga". (It is an Urdu song and the Devanagari transcription is mine, hence tentative). Much of the song is written in the same style: first presenting an idea, and then kind of "devolving" it using the same or...
  27. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: saaNs aanaa

    Friends, In the context of romantic songs, when one hears that breath "comes", how should that be interpreted? as a verbal phrase meaning simply "to breathe" (saaNs jaanaa /aanaa/lenaa all roughly meaning "to breathe")? literally as breath "coming" to one? idiomatically (if an oblique subject...
  28. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: dil kii kahuuN, dil kii sunuuN

    Friends, What is the meaning of the expression "dil kii kahuuN, dil kii sunuuN"? Specifically, what are those "kii's"? tere lie maiN jiuuN tujhpe hii maiN jaan duuN dil kii kahuuN, dil kii sunuuN ishq hai dillagii nahiiN! The stanza belongs again to the simplified version of the ghazal...
  29. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: behoshii

    Friends, I found this word in a Bollywood song ("Tum Se Hii", from the Indian 2011 movie "Jab We Met"): shor meN xaamoshii hai thoRii sii behoshii hai tum se hii, tum se hii [in most Youtube videos at 2:16] but I have trouble finding بے ہوشبے / बेहोशी as an entry in any proper dictionary...
  30. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: tumheN dillagii

    Friends: What is the exact sense of dillagii in the famous gazal: "tumheN dillagii bhuul jaanii paRegii" I have dillagii as: - jest, joke, trivial thing - inclination, attachment In many translations, I see it as "infatuation", "lust", as in "a lesser (sexual) form of love". Example analysis...
  31. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: Oxford Dictionary websites closed

    Friends, Bad news for Urdu and Hindi learners (especially Urdu, where there is a dearth of good Urdu-to-English resources). Oxford Dictionaries has decided to shut down its dictionaries websites. This is not a temporary, maintenance move, but a permanent one. They have decided to charge access...
  32. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: chaaNd sikkoN ke lie

    Friends, I found this expression in the famous song "ziNdagii maut na ban jaae", from the 1999 Indian movie "Sharfarosh" chaaNd sikkoN ke lie, tum naa karo kaam buraa har buraaii kaa sadaa hotaa hai aNjaam buraa What is the cultural reference for this? Searching the internet, it seems that...
  33. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: udhaarii

    Friends, From the same stanza and song that I quoted before, "Aaja Nachle". mujhe detaa udhaarii halvaaii re It is clear that the girl is receiving credit from the confectioner, but what exactly is udhaarii ? I can find اُدھار / उधार , but not udhaarii What part of speech is it? (noun...
  34. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: mere sadke

    Friends, What does "sadke" mean in the stanza below? maiN to kamsin kalii thii zaraa tan ke chalii thii aage jaa ke galii pe bal khaa gaii huii jaane javaanii kab aa gaii mere sadke zamaane kii kamaaii re mujhe detaa udhaarii halvaaii re Is it an alternative pronunciation from सरकना سرکنا...
  35. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: mohle meN kaisii maaraamaar hai

    Friends, What would be the headwords for "mohle" and "maaraamar", as used in the following stanza? They are supposed to mean "neighborhood" and "tumult" respectively. "maaraamar" I could find in Urdu, so I would assume it Nagari script it would be something like "मारामार". "mohle", I have no...
  36. MonsieurGonzalito

    Malayalam: green-faced characters

    Friends, How do you call these green-faced characters, usually shown in groups and wearing some sort of crinoline, who appear in so many video clips? (I guess to give some folk ambiance)
  37. eskandar

    Hindi, Urdu: to grow up

    How do you say "to grow up" in Hindi and Urdu? This is surprisingly hard to find in dictionaries. I welcome all variants, idiomatic, colloquial, or literary. Examples: 1. I grew up in Lahore. 2. She grew up speaking Bihari. Thanks in advance.
  38. pordiosero

    Sanskrit: Jalastambhanam

    Hi there! What is the meaning of the word Jalastambhanam? EIGHT MAJOR SIDDHIS. An accomplished, Purnayogi in the path of Kundalini Yoga is in possession of eight major Siddhis, viz., Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapti, Prakamya, Vasitvam and Ishitvam. 1. Anima: The Yogi can become as...
  39. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: teraa nainaa

    Friends, These are the 2 first verses and chorus of the song "Chhaliyaa" (from the 2008 Indian comedy "Tashan"). There are a few things I find off, grammatically speaking. I don't know if they happen together for reasons of rhyme/meter, or what. (The movie is forgettable and the video clip is...
  40. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: pahlii cchalkii chaal

    Friends, Does "pahlii cchalkii chaal" (first spilling trick?) have any idiomatic meaning, in the stanza below? Something like, the first of a cataract of tricks that will come later? cchalkii pahlii chaal huuN maiN suljhaa-uljhaa jaal huuN [I am the] nuur, [I am the] huur tuu jaaegaa kahaaN...
  41. eskandar

    Punjabi, Hindi/Urdu(?): haTTī kaTTī

    As far as I understand haTTī kaTTī is a Punjabi term for a plump or full-bodied woman. Is it commonly used in Urdu and Hindi? After searching, I've come across it in both contexts, but the sense I get is that it's still "marked" as a Punjabi word, rather than fully integrated into Hindi/Urdu and...
  42. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: maroRe baiyaaN

    Friends, In several songs and movies, there is this typical image of a man who wants to address or start flirting with a woman, he grabs her wrist or forearm, she retracts it, he doesn't let go, and they end up standing closer together, with him "twisting" her wrist(s). The phrase used for...
  43. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: रास रचैया

    Friends, What is does the -रचैया part mean in the expression "रास रचैया"? I understand that the "raas" is a circular dance commemorating the seduction of the Gopis by Krishna. Example from the song "Radha", of the movie "Student of the Year". The female protagonist, Shanaya (Alia Bhatt)...
  44. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: diip lagaa ke

    Friends, What does "diip lagaa ke" mean, in the following context? uRtii uRtii aaNkhiyoN ke laR gae piiche laR gae [ve] diip lagaa ke jhuum jhuum baraabar jhuum baraabar ... It belongs to the song "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom", from the namesake 2007 Indian movie. "diip" is an earthen lamp. (In...
  45. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: past participle + conjugated jaanaa

    Friends, What does chupaayaa jaa'e mean? Grammar, wise, I use this handy chart And from it, I conclude that it should be a passive voice. For example, In the stanza below, chupaayaa jaa'e would be translated as "now, it is not hidden any longer" ("is hidden" in the sense of "it doesn't get...
  46. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: जइसन for जैसे ?

    Friends: Is जइसन below yet another dialectal equivalent for जैसे? Maybe for the plural only? I find it remarkable because the standard जैसे is used in the verses right below. हूँ [rose] की जइसन [pink, pink] हमारे गाल गुलाबी [Sky] के जइसन [blue, blue] ईह तोहरा नैन शराबी --> [should probably be...
  47. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: माँ for में ?

    Friends, In the lines below, is माँ a dialectal alternative to में? हए… तोहरे दिल का [theatre] माँ आए … तोहरे दिल का [theatre] माँ दिल दीवाना [booking advance] मारे रे The lyrics are again from the song "Dil Dance Maare", one of the highest points of the song, poetically speaking. :D By the...
  48. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: julamwaa, zulamwaa

    Friends, What can be the spelling of julamwaa or zulamwaa, with the possible meaning of "torturing" or "doing injustice to somebody"? Translation sites don't seem to agree. I heard it in the (horribly pronounced) song, "Dil Dance Maare", from the movie "Tashan". हए [can't stop my feet]...
  49. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: sasuraa

    Friends, In what is probably one of the worst songs ever composed (but for some reason I can't stop watching in Youtube), "Dil Dance Maare", the actors are are dancing among a troupe of mostly blonde female dancers, and constantly repeating the following: [White white face] देखे दिल वह...
  50. eskandar

    Hindi/Urdu: hamārī tumhārī to jis tarah guzrī guzar ga'ī

    I came across this sentence while reading and couldn't make sense of it: میں ان سے کہتا تھا کہ ہماری تمہاری تو جس طرح گزری گزر گئی maiN un se kehtā thā kih hamārī tumhārī to jis tarah guzrī guzar ga'ī My guess: something like "I told them that the same thing that happened to you, happened to...