1. Mark_in_Hollywood

    Vinaigre [vinagre] de Yema

    The brand name, Presidente commonly associated as a distiller of brandy, also makes a vinegar. They style it: Vinaigre de Yema. I know Yema is the yolk of an egg, but what does this mean, figuratively? That is compared with other vinegars?
  2. S

    Chair de pinces (homard)

    Hola amigos, ¿Cómo puedo decir "pinces de homard" en español? ¿garras de langosta? Muchas gracias =) Steph
  3. V


    The context is: the inventor of instant noodles "Peel off the lid. Pour boiling water. Steep for three minutes. Stir well and serve. Nothing was easier. Of course the unenlightened could stumble sometimes, burning their tongues" How will you translate that proposition (bold) to Italian? Grazie
  4. Z

    cocinar hasta que se dore/ esté dorado

    Pues exactamente eso. ¿Existe algún equivalente en inglés para decir "deje cocinar hasta que se dore"? ¿o "cocine hasta que esté dorado?"... Si estuvieramos habalando de coinar carnes.
  5. S

    Cup of tea please.

    Hello, I would like to know the proper way of asking for a hot cup of black tea with milk in Italian. I've gotten as far as, "Passo avere una tazza di te nero per favore?" I'm not sure where to add the milk bit or if I need to say cup or pot of tea or even if I have the sentence correct. Also...
  6. T


    Veo en muchos textos sobre cocina, la palabra umami. Por lo que tengo entendido, se consideraría el quinto gusto básico (los otros son dulce, ácido, salado y amargo) y está asociado con las carnes y otras comidas con alto valor proteico. ¿Alguien tiene más información al respecto? Desde ya...
  7. C

    Macinacaffè da banco

    Salve, sto rivedendo la traduzione di un libro sul caffè fatta qualche anno fa da un madrelingua americano e ho qualche problema con la frase seguente: "macinacaffè da banco di grossa produzione" tradotto: "shelf coffee machine for coarse grinding" Il mio problema è non solo con "shelf/da...
  8. F

    glucagon-like peptide

    Hola. Necesito ayuda con el término glucagon-like peptide, lo intenté traducir como "péptido del tipo gucagon" pero la verdad no termina de convencerme, agradecería si alguien conoce la expresión adecuada.
  9. D

    Food items

    Saludos! Como se dice en espanol "Chicken Cordon Bleu" y "New York Strips"? Estoy traduciendo un menu y no se como se dice esto. Gracias!!
  10. M


    Dear logged in, this is my "fish-problem": in a list of fishery products, I can read < Shelled and SHUCKED products of cooked crustaceans...>_ May I ask Your help? Thanks in advance! KR Mork_
  11. C


    Hi Everyone, How do you translate "wafer"? The cookie in question is very thin, about 1/16 of an inch. Biscoito seems wrong. I've seen "biscoito folhado," but that refers to a cookie made with a type of massa folhada. Any suggestions? Thanks, Casapa
  12. K

    (croûte de)fleur blanche

    I am translating a description the cheesemaking (fourme d'Ambert) process. The term appears in this sentence: La croûte va peu à peu se former, grâce au développement d’une fleur blanche qui est « rabattue » régulièrement. Are they talking about the cheese's soft white rind?
  13. S


    In English, we have the word 'cafeteria' meaning a restaurant where you take a tray to the counter and select from hot and cold foods. These places exist in Italy. What are they called in Italy? I saw them while I was in Italy a few months ago and ate in one, but can't remember what they are...
  14. kurbacik

    Il pollo è duro

    Come si puo' dire in inglese "pollo duro"? Basta dire semplicemente "hard chicken", o c'e' un'altra espressione? Grazie.
  15. S

    Vanilla sugar

    In my country we have something we call "vanilla sugar" that we use in baking cookies. I am now looking for the Spanish word so I can buy it in Spain. I am not sure if it is the same as the English confectionary sugar because it is very fine, but a very strong taste of vanilla. Thanks!!!
  16. pyan

    un petit goût de vécu

    What could “un petit goût de vécu” mean? I wondered about “ a taste of the past"? The context: On TV5 "Apprendre TV", a baker talks, lovingly, about the various things that give the flavours to his bread. Of the bread being baked in a wood-fired oven, he says: "Cuit au feu de bois...
  17. bobepine

    faire marcher (restaurant)

    Hi all, I've been scratching my head over this one, simply because I'm not quite sure what it means in French. I need to translate "Faire marcher les viandes rouges et les omelettes". It is in a restaurant techniques manual. It seems to refer to the timing of meal preparation, but I'm none...
  18. X

    Heavy cream

    Che differenza c'è,se ho capito bene la sour cream è la panna acida,ma la heavy cream cos'è? come la trovo in italia?
  19. Dublabla

    sweet potato

    Bonjour a tous J'ai entendu dire qu'il y a tellment de mots (en chinois)qui veut dire "patate douce". Alors, J'espere que quelqun qui est au courant de cela pouvait me donner un coup de mains...S'il vous plait~!! Hi~~!! I once heard that there are various words in mandarin chinese, which...
  20. V

    cortes de carne

    hola gente, como va?. Quisiera saber si me pueden dar el equivalente a estos cortes...desde ya muchas gracias!!! churrasco de filet, bife de chorizo , filet y tournedo. Gracias!!!! ahh y a que corte en español equivale la picanha. Gracias de nuevo
  21. VenusEnvy

    Potluck dinner invitation (main dish, salad, drink, dessert)

    Hi everyone! :) I would like some help translating an invitation for two Chinese students that I have. I believe that they speak Cantonese. The invitation says: You're invited to a potluck dinner! Then, there's a section at the bottom that they have to fill out and return to me. The...
  22. 地獄の森_jigoku_no_mori

    Flavours of Ice Cream

    I would really like to know how to say the flavours of Ice Cream in Chinese, could anyone help me?
  23. Fedora

    Mandarin, Cantonese: Dragon Fruit

    HI, My boyfriend ate this fruit when he visited Guangzhou, China. Unfortunately he can't remember its name. Can someone please give me the name of this fruit in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin? I'm sorry but I don't ANYTHING about Chinese language. P.S. I hope you are able to see the fruit...