1. T

    French to Spanish ouragan

    Le problème est dans l'exemple associé à ouragan, où il y a deux dates différentes, 2007 et 2017.
  2. L

    Spanish to French subrayador

    no aparece subrayador en el diccionario y lo necesito traducir para un trabajo
  3. J

    English to Greek mossy

    βρυώδης βρυώδης - Λεξικό Συνώνυμα Αντώνυμα Σημασία Αντίθετα ... › lex › enni › βρυ... Translate this page βρυώδης σημαίνει. συνωνυμα λεξεων. συνώνυμα λέξεων. συνώνυμες λέξεις. λεξικο συνωνυμων. ... βρυωδης σημαινει. συνώνυμα φράσεων. γνωμικά. παροιμίες. ρητά.
  4. C

    English to Greek gerrymandering

    εκλογική κοπτορραπτική
  5. D

    English to Greek appraisal

    The translation of "the hot rod ......" in Greek means exactly THE OPPOSITE OF THE WRITTEN!!!
  6. M

    English to Arabic beast of burden

    هو "دابة" فحسب، مهما يكن وزن الأحمال
  7. M

    English to Arabic beachwear

    ملابس بحر
  8. M

    English to Arabic quarrel over

    واضح أنه يوجد خطأ غير مقصود. فلا علاقة لميكانيكا الكم بهذا
  9. M

    English to Arabic sphere of influence

    أعتقد ان التعبير الشائع هو "منطقة نفوذ"
  10. M

    English to Arabic zone out

    غير مركِّز أو غافل
  11. FJ1200

    German to English bereiten

    The example given translates the imperfect tense as the present, and has a spurious apostrophe: Die schlechten Noten ihrer Tochter bereiteten den Eltern Kopfzerbrechen. Their daughter's poor grades are giving her parent's a headache. Should be Die schlechten Noten ihrer Tochter bereiteten den...
  12. jann

    English to French canine

    The "Note" is blank -- just a period -- for the noun entry (sense: dog).
  13. T

    English to Greek carbide

  14. sebweb2

    English to French raider

    Bonjour, Il y a une erreur dans un des premiers exemples d'utilisation de la traduction française du mot raider : "les pilleurs ont a saccagé la ville"
  15. V

    English to Greek impostor

  16. D

    English to French threats

    Je veux savoir pourquoi le comparatif "comme" ne ressort pas dans cette phrase: The chief was considered a threat of society. On a l'impression de lire ceci: le voleur était considéré une menace dans la société.
  17. M

    English to Portuguese fruit cup

    Em portugês é salalada de frutas e não macedônia
  18. J

    English to Portuguese Pin

    Pôr, o verbo, alfinetes, não por, a preposição, alfinetes.
  19. Γ

    English to Greek economics

    Economic και economics δεν είναι το ίδιο πράγμα. Το economic είναι επίθετο ενώ το economics είναι ουσιαστικό και μάλιστα έχει διαφορά στην έννοια αν θα συνταχθεί με ρήμα στον ενικό ή στον πληθυντικό. Μπορεί να σημαίνει τα οικονομικά ως μάθημα, σπουδή ή επιστήμη αλλά και τα οικονομικά ως...
  20. F

    Portuguese to English ligação

    ligação de celular
  21. M

    English to Arabic bomber

    زارع قنابل لا زارع ألغام
  22. X

    English to Arabic quarrel

    quarred over meaning in Arabic is not correct you have to change it to (يتجادل بشأن)
  23. M

    English to Arabic bolivar

    اسمه البوليفار
  24. M

    English to Arabic valediction

    خطبة بدل خطة
  25. M

    English to Arabic urology

    طب الجهاز البولي
  26. M

    English to Arabic labia

    يجب أن تكون بالجمع
  27. M

    English to Arabic Kremlin

    التسمية "الكرملين" شائعة جداً
  28. Α

    English to Greek marauding

    ληστρικός Because it includes violence. See legal texts.
  29. A

    English to Portuguese get behind

    Meaning: to fall into arrears, as in making a payment or to fail to do as much work or pay as much money as you should by a particular time. Examples: get behind with sth: The agency had gotten behind with its work and needed outside help. A agência havia atrasado com seu trabalho e precisava...
  30. yuechu

    English to French grow up

    Bonjour, I believe that the following translation is "erronnée" in the Eng-fr Wordreference dictionary: " Grandis un peu et commence à comporte-toi en adulte ! " I think that it should be " commence à te comporter en adulte" instead. If I am wrong, please correct me! Thanks! Merci !
  31. Alan Evangelista

    English to French pumpkin

    The example in the second definition is incorrectly translated: Jenny served us a warming pumpkin soup. On mange de la tarte à la citrouille à Thanksgiving aux États-Unis.
  32. M

    English to Arabic special interests

    أظن أن التعبير العربي هو "مصالح خاصة"
  33. Γ

    English to Greek bystander

  34. A

    English to Greek well-being

    Ευεξία καλή ψυχοσωματική κατάσταση ευεξία - Βικιλεξικό
  35. M

    English to Arabic formally

    أيضا "رسميا" بالنسبة للمعنى الأول
  36. M

    English to Arabic forsythia

    تترجمها المراجع فورسيتيا أو فرسيتية
  37. M

    English to Arabic fortifier

  38. JClaudeK

    French base mériter

    mériter vtr(valoir)earn⇒ vtr cause⇒ vtr Sa naïveté lui a mérité des déboires. His naïveté earned him some disappointments. "mérité" est faux ici. => Sa naïveté lui a valu* des déboires. *valoir valoir [qch] à [qqn] vtr + prép(être responsable de [qch])cause [sb] [sth]⇒, bring...
  39. jann

    English to Spanish user pays

    The translation uses two single-quotes instead of a standard double-quote: principio del ''usuario paga'' vs ... "usuario paga" (This may be hard to see depending on your font!)
  40. E

    English to Greek embodiment

  41. E

    English to Greek perfuse

  42. yuechu

    English to French vote

    Bonjour, There is a mistake in the Eng-Fr Wordreference dictionary for the gender of the word "votes" (n, pl). French native speakers on the forum have informed me that the noun "vote" is always masculine, not feminine (be it in the singular or plural). Would someone be able to fix this...
  43. A

    English to Arabic ethnic

    It means عرقي not إثني
  44. Έ

    English to Greek cutaway

    Έχεις λάθος! tailcoat = φράκο Συγγνώμη, κολλάει η αυτόματη διόρθωση. cutaway = ανοιξιάτικο σακάκι (Πιο ανοιχτό μπροστά.)
  45. C

    Portuguese to English controlador

    EN The entry 'controlling' (EN adj) is missing as a translation for 'controlador' (PT adj), used to describe a person who dominates others unhealthily, self-servingly and often abusively. Collocations controlling father/woman/boss/boyfriend E.g. They're a very controlling parents. ----------...
  46. elroy

    Spanish base paulatino

    para mejorar
  47. N

    English to Greek impregnate

    Also means "εμποτισμένος" eg. This cloth has been impregnated with special chemicals for cleaning computer screens.
  48. F

    French base Empire

    Bonjour, Je pense qu'il y a une erreur dans l'entrée du dictionnaire pour 'empire'. Dernière ligne : sous l'empire de under the influence of Je pense que ça devrait être 'sous l'emprise de'. J'en profite pour saluer le contenu remarquable du site, je l'utilise quotidiennement depuis des...
  49. M

    English to Arabic encyst

  50. Zahorani

    English to Arabic cast a shadow

    cast a shadow over/on sth literary to spoil a good situation with something unpleasant: Her father's illness had cast a shadow over the birth of her baby. يفسد CAST A SHADOW OVER/ON STH | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary