1. T

    Spanish to French trance

    Transe en français s’écrit avec un S et non un C comme l’indique la traduction de « trance » de l’espagnol au français
  2. G

    English to Portuguese so-called

    Falta a tradução da frase para o português
  3. P

    Portuguese to English contratempo

    Definition “adversity” is misspelled.
  4. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish pant

    For identidad 24028 with the sense "dog: breathe noisily", I think jadear should be added, based on the input from native speakers in this post (and other posts in the same thread): pant - came panting up the walk
  5. A

    Portuguese to English senário

    Hi, the English translation is misspelled, it should read, 'scenery'. All the best :)
  6. A

    English to Portuguese homesteader

  7. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish bout de chou

    bout de chou, bout d'chou nm familier (petit enfant)renacuajo, renacuaja nm, nf chiquitín, chiquitina nm, nf Registre ?
  8. Dianette

    English to Portuguese malnutrition

    Malnutrition in English includes both extremes = underweight and overweight Translating "malnutrition" to "desnutrição", in Portuguese, excludes the other half of the problem. Also, check the synonyms in English, these could be expanded as well. Thanks! Dianette
  9. Nanon

    Spanish to French cuento

    Bonjour, Dans la catégorie « genre littéraire », cuento peut être traduit - quand il ne s'agit pas de contes de fées - par conte mais aussi par nouvelle, ces deux genres de récit court étant au demeurant très proches (la nouvelle serait plus vraisemblable et plus réaliste que le conte, mais on...
  10. E

    English to Portuguese then

    Dar prioridade de tradução literal da palavra THEN como ENTÃO.
  11. Nanon

    English to Portuguese breadcrumb

    breadcrumbs npl(coating: crumbs of bread)empanado adj I prefer fish in breadcrumbs to battered fish. Gostaria de sugerir pão ralado (PT) e farinha de rosca (BR).
  12. Nanon

    Spanish to French rico

    Bonjour, rico y variado loc adj(abundante variedad)riche et varié loc adj En ese restaurante se come rico y variado. Riche me fait penser à de la nourriture (trop) riche, passablement lourde, même si elle est variée. Je préfère dire que ce qu'on mange est bon et varié : suis-je seule...
  13. T

    Spanish to French cabe destacar que

    il faut souligner que
  14. R

    French to Spanish otarie

    Otarie en français signifie seulement (león marino) il faut quitter otario, étant donné que (otario) en espagnol signifie seulement idiot o crétin-
  15. Sr. Strauhal

    Spanish base feminicidio

    Please add “feminicidio” to your Spanish and English dictionary! Femicide. It happens every day in our world unfortunately, and it needs to be part of the WordReference dictionary. has it already.
  16. M

    French to Spanish lunettes

  17. R

    French to Spanish allez

    Por favor, añadid «Allez!» allez ! interj (para alentar)¡Vamos! interj Allez ! Tu peux gagner ! ¡Vamos! ¡Tú puedes ganar!
  18. A

    French to Spanish chlorophylle

  19. S

    French base spermatozoïde

    Un spermatozoïde est une gamète mâle qui intervient dans la reproduction sexuée. Et ça détermine pas le sexe du bébé
  20. L

    Portuguese to English nojento

    In Portuguese the word "nojento" is also used to mean "picky" and "fussy", because when the person chooses they feel "nauseated" if something is not of their liking. PICKY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary FUSSY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
  21. R

    Portuguese to English instalador

    Por favor, adicionai esta tradução. instalador nm(informática: software)installer n O instalador copia os arquivos necessários para no disco rígido.
  22. Nanon

    English to Spanish predicable

    Hola: Las traducciones sugeridas son predicación y postulación. ¿No será más bien predicable? predicable | Diccionario de la lengua española
  23. B

    English to Spanish pedophile

    It’s not “molestar”—in your example sentence. —that only means “to bother.” It is NOT the equivalent of “to molest.” Use “abusar.”
  24. G

    English to Spanish stay alive

    theirs no Spanish version.
  25. R

    Portuguese to English cocainômano

    Por favor, adicionade cocainômano (BR), cocainómano (PT) adj (adicto à cocaína)cocaine-addicted adj cocainômano (BR), cocainómano (PT) nm (pessoa adicta à cocaína)cocaine addict n (slang)cokehead n
  26. MichelVDS

    Spanish to French colada

    Typo : Dame la ropa sucia Sacó la colada = Il / elle sortit le linge Je corrige ma remarque précédente Dadme la ropa sucia = Donnez-moi les vêtements (vouvoiement) Sacó la colada = Il / elle sortit le linge (passé simple)
  27. P

    English to Portuguese curfew

    Curfew in portuguese can also be recolher obrigatório. Our Governor set a strict curfew. O nosso Governador decretou um rígido recolher obrigatório.
  28. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish key

    For the sense "(music: D major, etc.) (música)", there are a couple of errors in the Spanish sample sentence. Current: La canción está compuesta en tono de Re mayor. Proposed: La canción está compuesta en el tono de re mayor. The source is posts #7 and #11 in this discussion about the term: In...
  29. fenixpollo

    Spanish base saltos de tijera

    Debemos agregar la frase compuesta “saltos de tijera” porque ya figura como una traducción de la frase de inglés jumping jacks.
  30. D

    Spanish base muelle

    The third principle translation for muelle notes that it is a feminine noun. However, in the example sentence, the article "el" is used with muelle, not "la." My Spanish teacher, a native Mexican, says that muelle is always masculine.
  31. D

    English base phone bank

    Compound forms of this entry should include "phone bank." This is a group of people organized to make telephone calls for a particular purpose, such as to encourage voting for a political candidate or to raise money for a charity. In the U.S. "to phone bank" is also used as a verb.
  32. R

    English to Spanish portfolio

    one of the translations for this word says ábum, which leads to an error page. The correct word should be álbum, with an "l".
  33. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish lampadaire

    ¿También "farola"?
  34. M

    German to English zu etw machen

    "The passion for music made her the best piano player of the year." Could you please provide the German version?
  35. R

    Spanish to French predicar con el ejemplo

    Il me semble qu'on ne dit pas "prêcher d'exemple" mais "prêcher l'exemple"
  36. R

    English to Spanish censor

    En esta entrada, en las dos veces que aparece traducido como un sustantivo ("([sb] who censors films)" y "(limits information)") en español sólo aparece la forma masculina. Falta la forma femenina «censora». Así que, por favor, añadid la forma femenina «censora». También sugiero que en (limits...
  37. R

    Spanish base censurador

    Por favor, añadid esta traducción «censurador, censuradora → censor, censurer». Persona que censura. Estas traducciones aparecen en el diccionario inglés-español, ¡pero no en el diccionario español-inglés!
  38. R

    Spanish base confinar

    Añadid la traducción «confinar → lock down». Significa «to make people stay in a locked indoor space during an emergency in order to keep them safe». Por el tema de la pandemia y el coronavirus.
  39. C

    French to Spanish pays du tiers-monde

    país del tercer mundo, país tercermundista
  40. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish paper towel

    paper towel n(absorbent kitchen tissue)papel de cocina grupo nom I cleaned the table with a paper towel. Limpié la mesa con un papel de cocina. toalla de papel loc nom m Limpié la mesa con una toalla de papel. servilleta de papel grupo nom Limpié la mesa con una servilleta de...
  41. H

    Spanish base arreglado

    Il faut changer de "repararada" á "reparada".
  42. R

    English to Spanish caboodle

    toda la pesca, todo el equipo I thought she'd buy me a fishing pole for my birthday, but she bought the the whole kit and caboodle, hooks and everything. Pensé que me compraría una caña de pescar para mi cumpleaños, pero me compró todo el equipo, con anzuelos y todo.
  43. A

    English to Spanish leak

    An example sentence and translation is incorrect: The tap was leaking, so I replaced the washer. La canilla goteaba y por eso remplacé la lavadora. "Washer" in this sentence should be translated as "junta", not as "lavadora" which means a machine that washes (or a female who washes).
  44. albertovidal

    English to Spanish New Year's Eve

    New Year´s Eve translation in WR dictionary as "año nuevo" is not correct. We call New Year's Eve "fin de año"
  45. Nanon

    French to Spanish crème sure

    Amis de la bonne chère, bonjour :). Il manque quelque chose pour la crème sure (nom de la crème aigre au Canada où elle doit être plus utilisée qu'en France) : entrée ou forme composée ? Le FREN a une entrée.
  46. Α

    English to Greek grippy

    Στ' αγγλικά το 'χεις. αντιολισθηρός, αντιολισθηρή, αντιολισθηρό grippy /ˈɡrɪpi/ adjective (of a wheel or shoe) able to grip a surface well.
  47. Τ

    English to Greek allotment

  48. elroy

    English to Arabic oldster

    يجب إسقاط أل التعريف في الكلمتين، وتبديل علامة / بفاصلة مُسن، كهل (في حالة إبقاء أل التعريف يجب حذف الهمزة في المسن)
  49. elroy

    English to Arabic oil

    oil nuncountable (oil paint)لون زيتي I sometimes paint in watercolor, but I prefer oil. oils npl(oil paints)ألوان زيتية The artist was known mostly for painting in oils. هذا الفنان مشهور برسم معظم لوحاته بألوان زيتية. المقصود هنا ليس اللون الزيتي بل الطلاء الزيتي